Video & Motion Graphics

IST Overview Animation

March 4, 2018

An introductory animation for BP’s supply and trading division. The animation provides an overview of the businesses activity, achievements and core values.

Video & Motion Graphics

Safe Ships

July 13, 2013

As part of our Safe Ships campaign for BP Shipping – we produced a video which asks the question, ‘What makes a ship safe?’.

Video & Motion Graphics

Tfl Cycle Superhighway Loop

This is a flash animation loop for our Cycle Superhighway Simulator interactive display used at the London Cycle show and TFL road shows. It is designed to attract visitors onto the simulator.

Video & Motion Graphics

Tfl Cycle Superhighway Simulator

We worked with TFL to design and produce their sponsored stand at the London Cycle Show. We were also asked to produce an interactive display showing what it would be like to ride on a Cycle Superhighway. The speed and direction of the video were controlled by pedalling and steering an actual cycle. The unit was used later for roadshow events. NB: This is an early version created before the lanes were painted. We later updated the video when the lane was complete.

Video & Motion Graphics

Brand Video

Build it and they will come! Or shoot it and you will see. We worked with Landor on their brand work for BP’s lubricant division. We were asked to demonstrate the brand values using video. Our approach was to show people doing their ‘everyday’ business – revealing in an unforced way the brand in action.

Video & Motion Graphics

IST Stories

We produced eight video ‘stories’ for BP’s Supply and Trading division. The stories were designed to clarify the complex business of ist by creating simple plot lines out of recent events. The actual videos are for internal audiences so cannot be shared – however, the style of shooting and editing can be seen in this compilation.

Video & Motion Graphics


The London Walking Forum asked us to produce a video to promote walking in London. We shot pop duo Noir walking through London whilst singing their original song: Walking.

IVCA Gold Award winner.

Video & Motion Graphics

Barcelona Exhibition

We produced this 250 sqm exhibition for LNG 15 for BP Gas Marketing. It was a subsequent exhibition stand won after WGC – as shown in our website – based on the same design principles. We made use of Spanish trencada patterning, local planting and a raised ‘Park Güell’ inspired level overlooking the stand .

Video & Motion Graphics


This animation was produced for a world tour of an exhibition stand promoting Hydrogen.

Video & Motion Graphics

Thunder Horse

This is a short ident for a longer video shot on land and sea for the Thunder Horse business.