A Cycling Revolution

July 10, 2013

The budget for this 1000 sqm stand would not allow for built structures, so we proposed printing the entire stand. The stand sponsored by TfL, promoted messages about the new Cycle Hire Scheme and Cycle Superhighways. At the heart of the stand was a commuter test track where a range of cycles could be test driven. Materials included printed floor map, backdrop, banners, fabric display systems and leaflets. Feedback indicated that visitors found the stand enjoyable and informative – and more likely to visit the TfL website.

A Brilliant Idea

July 13, 2013

Okay, we did not invent the wheel, but we did invent these rolling display units in response to a brief for a flexible foyer exhibition and display system. Castors normally attached to flight cases, became an integral part of the design, allowing quick, easy and safe installation. Units are simply rolled into position and later rolled into storage as required. The walking exhibition was also designed by the bridge.

Pop-up Display Upgrade

December 12, 2014

Re-usable modular display system. This brief is most easily solved with a pop-up – or an adapted version or relative of the same. However, the impact can be lost with a pop-up. Our proposal elevated the solution to a stylish system of wide-framed illuminated (light box) graphic displays. Based on aluminum exhibition system profiles, the displays use high quality stretched printed graphics providing bright and even illumination without structural shadows. The system has a very high graphic surface area – allowing ample space for messages and imagery.

A Meeting Place Not a Showcase

July 10, 2013

The second of two major gas conference exhibitions designed and produced for BP Gas Marketing. Both formed part of our proposals for range of marketing communication designs under the identifying theme ‘a natural gas partner’. In particular the branded environments were designed to be comfortable meeting places rather than technological showcases. The proposals were very successful at conveying the right brand experience and facilitating partnership business.

We produced this 250 sqm exhibition for LNG 15 for BP Gas Marketing. It was a subsequent exhibition stand won after WGC – as shown in our website – based on the same design principles. We made use of Spanish trencada patterning, local planting and a raised ‘Park Güell’ inspired level overlooking the stand.