Understanding Biofuels

July 11, 2013

We produced animations to help launch strategic biofuel announcements on the web. From these animations, we also developed an informative multi-language touchscreen kiosk programme. The kiosk versions toured to world-wide environmental exhibitions and green motoring partnership events such as motorshows.

View the ‘Feedstock’ animation in another tab here.

View the ‘How Biofuels work’ animation in another tab here.

Telling Stories

July 13, 2013

A highly complex business found it difficult to communicate about themselves. Our research programme lead to the solution: tell simple stories. Eight video stories were produced – each story conveyed business activities through intriguing plot lines. The stories formed part of an interactive communications toolkit.

Tfl Cycle Superhighway Loop

This is a flash animation loop for our Cycle Superhighway Simulator interactive display used at the London Cycle show and TFL road shows. It is designed to attract visitors onto the simulator.

Riding the Superhighways

July 11, 2013

We designed an interactive simulator for the new Cycle Superhighways. An attractor animation invites people on to the simulator. While peddling, the video gives real-time feedback, as the highway unfolds over the actual route. Information explaining the benefits of the new scheme is displayed during the ride – average speed and calories burned at the end. The interactive unit travelled on a 40 venue road show throughout London.