Comms Strategy & Support

Articulating a Business Role

July 11, 2013

As part of a global research programme to help define a new business’s role, we devised a creative word game. The game was a fun way to elicit candid perceptions during group sessions and provided many useful insights. The exercise resulted in a clearer vision of purpose expressed by the theme ‘growing markets for cleaner energy’. The theme and images were applied to a range of internal communications.

Comms Strategy & Support

Renaming, Refreshing, Restructuring

Our challenge was to capture the essence of an extensive global management system dedicated to assuring competency. Our proposals added clarity to the process by renaming the programme ‘competence assurance’ and the core database tool – ICAN. We refreshed the look and feel of all communications – and helped restructure the content which was then implemented in phases.

Comms Strategy & Support

Raising the Bar

We were asked to re-launch a hi-potential programme for group HR. We discovered such schemes can be compromised by negative notions of elitism and failure. Our solution used the metaphor of ‘raising the bar’ as a model for steady career advancement (rather than abrupt failures) and lead to our proposals to re-launch all similar schemes with a new and inclusive name: ‘career advancement programmes’ or CAPS. Our ideas were widely and successfully adapted by other HR teams throughout the company.